Questions people like you asked,
then signed up anyway.

What is the Shalom Challenge?
In a word: Life-changing! In a sentence: a 4-week program to help you develop more loving relationships, via a 90-second power video daily, starting February 20th.
How does it work?
You get a daily 90-second video via email or Whatsapp. All you need to do? Give 2 minutes of your time to watch it. The Shalom part almost happens on it's own after that.
How much does it cost?
How do I join?
It's easy. Sign up here and you'll start getting your daily video on February 20. Got an invitation to join a team? Just click on the link they shared to join, or find the team on the team page and join from there.
Is this just another 'inspirational' learning program that will clog my inbox?
No! It's just 4 weeks long, and the Shalom Challenge videos share everyday challenges and realistic tips to overcome them. Super practical, down-to-earth and anything but boring!
I deal with some difficult people at work. Can the Shalom Challenge help me?
You bet! Every video gives you a tip, trick or new approach to help you keep peace and stay calmer inside, regardless of how difficult people around you are.
My life is pretty peaceful. Is this challenge for me?
Good for you — and sure it is! The challenge isn't just about putting out fires, it's about making good relationships great, and dealing with the small frustrations or tiny annoyances that crop up. As long as you're living with people, there'll be tips in those videos you'll want to try out instantly.
What is a Shalom Challenge Team?
A team is a group of friends, shul members, family, neighbors or Shalom-minded people who want to help bring the world more peace together. Team members get the same videos daily — but don't have to do anything other than sign up together.
How do I become a Team Leader?
Easily. Click 'start a team' on our homepage. We send you an email with the details. You forward it to people you want to invite. Done.
I'm not really the 'leader-type'. What does it entail?
No need to be a leader type, or any type. You just send an email/text/Whatsapp to family and friends letting them know about it. That's all.
How many people can join a team?
As few as two, up to a million. Go ahead, create a small intimate group, or a large, diverse group, or something in between. It's your call.
I signed up but haven't gotten any daily messages.
Spam may have nabbed our videos. Check your spam folder, and if you find a Shalom message in, click and drag it to your inbox. Still don't see it? Reach out to us here.
Can I unsubscribe mid-program?
You won't want to. But sure, you can unsubscribe any time by hitting the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.
Will the videos still be accesible after the 4 weeks are up?
Can I sponsor a video for a zechus, or in memory of a loved one?
Sure thing. Get in touch by emailing us to give us the details.
Got a question we didn't ask?
Well, you're not going to let a question stand in the way of peace, are you?
Really, there's only one question to ask: Do I want more peace?