Of course
I get jealous
I don't have all the things I need to succeed
I get unsettled
The world's on fire
I get stressed
I'm not the person I want to be
I have no peace of mind
Nothing is the way it should be
I get angry
People let me down constantly

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Break free of 'I'm not good', 'I'm not enough' and all the other stuff that keeps you stuck.
Dealing with normal everyday emotions — frustration, jealousy, worry, impatience — and being the person you want to be
Grow as a person — build healthier responses that bring more joy, hope and lightness into your life and relationships.

Because each time you choose peace you choose happiness.

Why 38,494 people the challenge
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Just life-changing concise and hits the point such professional videos helped me become more patient the most powerful ideas impossible not to see a real tangible difference one of the most revolutionary things I've learned I have to say I was blown away so much easier to deal with hard relationships makes life sweeter such helpful tools to understand and modify my emotions I have more compassion for myself I feel more tolerant mind-boggling changed the way I see the world more peace of mind and in relationships provided me with peace and clarity liberating and empowering my soul I changed so much I’m looking at everyone so differently moving AND entertaining such crucial, practical tools I’m a better friend wish the challenge could go on forever Superbly done cut to the core gives me hope of bettering myself so engaging my whole perspective on people has changed touched a cord well-made and super funny couldn’t have imagined how much I’d gain I’m a better, more sensitive person most powerful, uplifting lessons so real and on target always refreshing gained more positive relationships my day is different — Thank you thank you thank you!
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