A nation ripped apart by Covid.
Can we bring us back together?

You know what 2020 looked like

Vaccines. Masks. Trump vs. Biden.
People hurting each other. Hating each other.

At a time we needed to come together more than ever, life was forcing us apart.
Could a 4-week program help us cross the divide and reconnect?

4 weeks. 20,000 families. 500+ stories of peace.

Someone I'm close to had an important medical appointment so I sponsored a Torah class as a zechus, but despite my reminders, they used my sponsorship on the wrong day. I was really mad, but I thought about the Shalom challenge and stayed silent.
Sara Leah Katz
I just found out she is joining our family Purim Seudah. Then I thought of these incredible videos and it helped me to look past the past and try view her positively
Sara Leah Katz
During our family purim pic each kid does as they please and it's a race against the clock - basically, overwhelming. This year when I felt myself getting frustrated, I kept my cool and stayed silent.
Sara Leah Katz
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The impact was tremendous.
But we can do more.

It's been a year, and the Challenge is back,
with 20 new ways to bring you more peace.

Because it's not just your biggest gift to others,
it's your biggest gift to you.

"If it costs you your peace,
it's too expensive"