Every time
someone steals my spot
I talk to my sister (in-law)
that guy takes the amud
she misses my simcha
he doesn’t listen
the credit card bill comes in
he shows up late
she keeps my cleaning lady overtime
he misses our appointment
she says something judgemental
I’m last to know
he doesn’t answer my call
it gets under my skin

3 weeks
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Because each time you choose peace, you're choosing happiness

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When somebody
… rubs you the wrong way
… says something tactless
… messes around with your day
… is hard to get along with
… acts irresponsibly and botches up
… never gives you a real sorry
… leaves you out of her plans
Will you lose your cool?
Or hold it together?

Get ready to feel lighter inside

Stop hurt feelings, challenging people, or tough interactions
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