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  • Dov Housman
  • Aviva Tabak
  • Chaya Suri Tabak
    Thank you Hindy for all the inspiration!
  • Ricky Halioua
  • Tovia Halpern
  • Faige Eisenberg
    I listen to Truffles and Trifles before taking my vitamins and then I don't even need them
  • Pella Lish
    Go for it! We need Shalom!
  • Esty Klein
    With Truffles and Trifles we gain in every way except weight!
  • Malky Schwimmer
    Truffles and Trifles is a breath of fresh air. May this Shalom innitiative bring Moshiach
  • Gitty Levy
    I am so excited about this! Klal Yisrael needs to get ready to greet Moshiach
  • Gitty Bollag
    When will the sword become a plow, we want Moshiach NOW!
  • RR
  • Rochel Leah Tapuchi
    I'm proud to be on your team and keep up the great work
  • Anonymous
  • Freidy Lefkowitz
    Happy another link in the chain toward moshiach and shalom across the world
  • Yudis Sklare
  • C S
  • D H
  • Leah Davidson
    Thank You!!!
  • Dina Storch
    I’m eager to join this noble mission- Dina Storch
  • Brochie Revah
  • Rivky Klugman
    Thank you!
  • EN
    Thanks for including me on your Truffles and Trifle Team.
  • Menucha Levin
    Shalom is exactly what we all need right now!
  • Rivka Moshayev
    How exciting to bring the geula together!!!
  • Batya Weinberg
  • Miriam Liebermann
    Certainly a worthwhile cause! Thanks Hindy for initiating this project which will surely bring blessings to our world iyH!!!
  • Ducy Ungarischer
  • Cindy Romand
  • MIriam Kahan
  • Anonymous
  • Zehava Lefkovitz
    Did you say there would be chocolate?! Oh, limitless pleasure
  • Leah Noble
  • I'm Proud To Be A Part Of The Peace Initiative! Bracha To All!!
  • Elisheva Goldberg
  • Yides Krausz
    Hindy, your mother would have been 1st to sign up for your team.
  • Anonymous
  • RB H
  • טובה גייזלר
  • Rivky Gober
  • Rivky Goldberg
  • Shevi Malitzky
  • Anonymous
  • Gitty Landau
    Thank you so much for the inspiration!
  • Rifkee Schick
    Thank you so much!
  • Peri Polansky
  • TT
  • Zissy Levy
  • Leeby Weinberg
    What a beautiful idea. Thank you Hindy. You inspire all of us!
  • Faigy Friedman
  • BReindy HAlberstam
  • Tamar Ellis
    Shalom is the mekor of Brocha
  • Anonymous
  • Reina Tabak
  • Anonymous
  • Rochel Tress
  • Simi Goldhaber
  • Rochel Sylvetsky
  • Matty Sitorsky
  • Mrs Miriam Schechter
    May this program bring brocha and sholom to the world!
  • Mashy Reisman
    Hindy, May you continue in your avodas hakodesh for many years to come
  • Tova Finkelman
    Thanks for your weekly dose of inspiration and smiles!
  • Raya Wasser
  • Miriam Lapides
    Eager to be on the team to bring Moshiach faster!
  • Rochel Slanger
  • Ruchi Housman
  • Leeba Kaplan
  • Shalva Horowitz
  • Simi Halberg
  • TZIPORAH Grossman
  • Chanie Derdyk
  • Chayala Gluck
    Monday is Truffles and Trifles day!
  • Chavi Gluck
    I am Truffles and trifles fan
  • Hennie Polansky
    Shalom means peace and Shalom's the way....
  • C Gold
    thanks for the witty, entertaining and inspiring messages
  • CB Bluming
  • Zina Schiff
    Truffles and Trifles is the Highlight of my week
  • Devoiry Haberfeld
  • Abbie Auslit
    Thank you for Truffles and Trifles. I look forward to Mondays
  • Mirel Rosenblum (Goldstein)
    I am a Truffles and Trifles Fan
  • Esther Rivky Breier
    I enjoy every Monday!
  • Esther Rivky Breier
    I enjoy every Monday
  • Miriam Freidman
    I hope you get to 850!
  • Zina Schiff
    Truffles and Trifles is the Highlight of my week
  • Breindy Halberstam
  • Goldy Mashinsky-Weinberg
  • Ruchy Blau
    Truffles & Trifles gives me so much to think about, in such a fun and memorable way! Thank you!!
  • Breindy Erlanger (Adler)
  • Leah
  • Rivky Twerski
    We are proud and looking forward to doing something for the Aibishter
  • Chaya Falik
  • Frady Housman
    So proud to be joining you on this initiative!
  • Chanie Housman
  • Lilya Flomin
  • Sara Yehudis Bodner
  • Yosef Housman
  • -Gittel Devora Fohr
  • Yehudis Lieder
    Truffles and Trifles, delicious and sweet and the shalom campaing will help us Moshiach to greet
  • Faiga Leah Kritzler
  • Fraida Ratzy Zeide
  • Surie Soroka
    I am an avid fan of Truffles and Trifles and Chazak
  • Nichy Rabinowitsch
  • Shira Cohen
  • Tziporah Ungarischer
  • Someone Someone
    Ohh yea
  • Devorah Schiff
  • Faigy Kaniel
  • Chani Finkelstein London
    Truffles And Trifles has changed my life.
  • Brocha Cohen
    for a zechus for Bracha bas Leah Raizel for a Zivug Hagun bimhayra
  • Tanta Gitty Kleinbard
  • Chany Berger
    Truffle & Trifles is the best
  • Leahla M
    Always a pleasure to work with you!
  • Mrs. Yehudis Waldman
  • Devorah Teitelbaum
  • Leah Levine
  • A Great T&T Fan
  • Ella Rochel Mann
  • SG Rosenhan
  • Anonymous
  • Esty Geller
  • Raizel Samuels
  • Chava Fettman
  • Someone From Flatbush
    Ruffles not rifles #shalomchallenge2021
  • Y B
  • Flori
  • Esther Stern
  • Rochey Kalman
    Sisters are always a team!
  • Tzviki Housman
  • Raizy Weinberg
  • Chani Guttman
  • A Fan!
  • Blumie Rubin
  • Hindy Wollman
  • Toby Tabak
  • Brochie Weinberger
    Shalom is contagious, looking forward to being a carrier!
  • Goldie Cohen
    Hi Hindy! Thank you for including me in your team!!
  • C H
  • Nechami Cohen
  • Chayala Tabak
  • Liba Kahan
  • Sarala Tabak
  • Nechama Krieger
  • BC Seidenfeld
  • Miriam M
    Thank you for the inspiration!! My boost for the week!
  • Gitty Lebowitz
  • Miriam L.
    Thanks for doing such a positive thing at such times. May our Scuffles and Strifles turn into Truffles and Trifles
  • Rochel Zucker
    you make my Tuesday morning so inspring and thourghtful
  • Chavi Bernfeld
    The Aibishter should give you koach for your fabulous work!
  • Malka Surie Pollack
    I am a fan
  • Pelly Horowitz
  • Toby Rogovsky
  • Mimi Fischer
  • Shoshana Frankel
  • Dina Schwab
  • Yitty Tescher
    Thank you so much
  • Chaya Werner
  • Raizy Weller
  • Mirel Guttman
  • Bindy Weinberger
    What a zechus!
  • Yocheved Dorfman
  • Draizy Jakubowicz
  • Dina Levitan
  • Rivky Loefler
    Every Monday Truffles and trifles puts my head back on my shoulders!
  • Tirtza Weinberger
  • Tzirel Milstein
  • Rochel Yudkowitz
  • Devory Steiman
    The cycle of life has its ups and downs and we have to keep pedaling to stay upright! t
  • Faiga Malka Stefansky
  • A T&T Fan
  • Tzipoiry Sternberg
    It already worked for me!
  • Leah Schlesinger
    Thank you , I feel Shalom is very important!
  • Goldy Rieder
    Shalom matters!
  • Chana Riva Fine
    Thank you!
  • Tzivi Leeder
    Tahnk you for helping me work on Shalom
  • Toba Gitty Lefkowitz
    Thank for this opportunity
  • Brachie Gerstein
  • Rivky Markowitz
    Shalom Aleichem!!!
  • Brocha Garadi
  • Gitty Schwartz
  • Rochel Willner
    Thank you so much for all this
  • Chani Green
  • Malky Mermelstein
  • Devorah Steinharter
    Tahnk you for making peace
  • Baila Widislavsky
  • Chaya Sara Zuckerman
  • Dini Grunfeld
  • Toby Waldman
    Thanks a Trill!
  • Chaya Swissa
    Thank you so much
  • Liba Snyder
  • Rashy Wachsman
  • Rivky Silbuger
  • Chavi Moskovits
  • Chayla Nagel
  • Malka Sloshay
    Amazing Program
  • Nechama Adler
  • Breindy Reich
  • Gella Weber
  • Perela Gross
  • Layla Leifer
  • Yocheved Greenwald
  • Yocheved Markstein
  • Esti Roth
  • Nechama Portnoy
  • Rivky Rosenberg
  • Devoiry Nutovics
  • Toby Freidmann
  • Gitty Rubinfeld
  • Esty Porges
  • Dina Stern
  • Ettel Braun
  • Chayala Rosen
  • Feige Malka Stefansky
  • Esty Grunfeld
  • Chany Loewy
  • Perri Weiss
  • Mash Hollander
  • Gella Einhorn
    Thank you for bringing us together!
  • Shiffy Deutsch
  • Chaya Hartstein
  • Rivky Tevlowitz
  • Risele Levine
  • Rivky Fessel
  • Etty Klein
  • Malky Fischer
  • Sori Maybloom
  • Rivky Deutsch
  • Perela Freidmann
  • Hinda Rosenberg
    So excited!
  • Ellen Bressel
  • Malky Lebowits
  • R Berger
  • Anonymous
  • A Fan
  • Esther Mali Rosenberg
  • Leah Nechama Witchel
  • Perri Feldheim
  • Yocheved Hochman
  • Anonymous
  • Chany Goldberg
    Truffles and trifles...Such brilliant food for thought!..
  • L M
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I took the Shalom Challenge and I'm so excited to have you join me!

Get 4 weeks of daily 2 minute videos and wisdom bytes with practical guidance to conflict free relationships.

What do I get when I join?
A 4-week journey to Shalom
— in all your relationships

Every morning, you’ll get an email or whatsapp
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step you can take to better relationships.
Week 1 Creating peace with how I view people
Week 2 Enabling peace with how I feel & think
Week 3 Bringing peace with how I speak
Week 4 Activating peace with things I do

You’ll learn things like:

  • How to appreciate someone else's opinion even when they are wrong
  • 4 mindset changes that will help you stay strong and move on … even when somebody really hurts you
  • What is a Shalom Account and how you can use it to bounce out of conflict
  • The most powerful piece everybody misses when they apologize
  • And much, much more...
4 Ways to Practice Peace