We're here to inspire
kinder thoughts,
gentler words, and
deeper connections.

How it started

It was deep in 2020, the year the world changed.

Lockdown. Vaccines. Masks. Trump vs. Biden. People hurting each other. Hating each other. At a time we needed to come together more than ever, life was forcing us apart.

That's when the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation launched the challenge: to help us cross the divide, look past beliefs and reconnect as family

Four weeks later, 20,000 families had risen to the challenge.
Our inbox was flooded with more than 500 heartwarming, heroic stories of peace.

And we realized: they're just beginning. That's why the Challenge is back for a fourth year, with 15 new ways to make your relationships better.

So we can build a kinder world together —
one word, one action, one relationship at a time.

Less conflict, more connection starts here