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  • Sarah Treger
    Tizki lmitzvos!!
  • Jennie Breuer
    We are all in this, whether we like it or not. So let’s do something positive with our time.
  • Yehudit Kotler
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
  • Sara Glecer
    תזכי למצוות
  • Sheva Turk
  • Beth Jawary
    Happy to join in- been too many years since I could follow your lead!
  • Chaya Levine
  • Mindy Engelberg
    Great Idea Sym - let's do it!
  • Sheryl Prenzlau
    Yasher Kochech
  • Naomi Chait
    Let's do this, Symie! Happy to join the team!
  • Anonymous
  • Temmy Bernstein
  • Shushie Katz
  • Hindy Flom
    יישר כח!!!
  • Sara Finkel
  • Toby Schick
    Kol hakavod!!
  • Esther Ruchi Reichman
    I’m so happy to be a part of this wonderful group!
  • Baila Klaristenfeld
    yasher koach symie youre the greatest inspiration for us all
  • Chanita Cassell
    Tizki lmitzvos Symie, thank you for being a continuous source of inspiration!!
  • Malkie Ackerman
  • Chaya Werfel
  • Rivkie Reifman
  • Miriam Schoen
  • Yael Zelmanovitz
    Thanks for spreading the love ❤️
  • Chaim Liff
  • Brenda Kolatch
    Symie -when between packing and moving- will you have time for this? You shame me into participating. Kol Hakavod lach- you are awesome!
  • Sydney Harris
  • Bracha Leifer
    Kol HaKovod! I am part of a Shalom Va'ad right now. This fits in perfectly with what I am learning. Can't wait!!
  • Diane Liff
  • D'vora Grossbaum
    Thanks Symie Great Idea and I'm with you on this one too
  • Leah Levy
  • Estee Yarmish
    Symie what an Honor to be on your team!!! Thanks for including me in this awesome group of women. Symie you define Shalom
  • Yael DEutsch
  • Sarah Saperstein
    Kol hakavod Symie. Good health for all.
  • GOldie BOkow
  • Robin Weiss
  • Chayarivka Epstein
    thanks Symie for the opportunity to join this wonderful group.
  • Mashie Langsam
    Symie, Tizki L'mitzvos. You keep us all going. May Hashem bless you!
  • Rivke Grunberg
  • Shoshana Gibraltar
  • Ofra Holland
  • Ori Tischler
  • Paula Weinberg
  • Reva Dubin
    Wishing all much Hatzlocha in this challenge Thank you Symie
  • Susie Zeilic
  • Ruthie Karlinsky
    תזכי למצוות
  • Tova Benzaquen
  • Ehrenkranz
  • Judy Engelberg
  • Leah
    Yasher Koach!!
  • Henny Shor
  • Shani Greenwald
    Symie - A wonderful goal and an honor to be a part of!!!!
  • Michal Kalish
  • Chava Gruenebaum
  • Esther Ranells
    מה הוא אף אתה. As Hashem, as Shabbis, you are a makor of bracha. Thank you. Zolst du zein gebensht!!
  • Rosie Einhorn
  • רחל עמנואל
  • Adina COHEN
    יישר כוח,בהצלחה
  • Bina Starck
    Tizku l'Mitzvos
  • Shoshana Cohen
  • Sarah Eiferman
  • Chaya Neuman
  • Leah Cohen
  • Naomi ברס
    Symie you are the best - an example for all of us!
  • Kelly Ibgui
  • Sarah Benzimra
  • Shayne Hoffman
    Yasher Koach!
  • Miriam Schachter
    great to be on YOUR board!
  • Debbie Dan
  • Rivka Alt
  • Mechi Fendel
  • Hedy Kleiman
    Dear Symie, your emunah is an inspiration to us till120.
  • Esty Hopstein
  • Esther Trenk
  • Ahuva Batsheva Liff
  • Sheryl Wyszkowski
  • Mindy Peltz
    Thank You Symee!
  • Charnie Berzon
    Simi is always seeking Shalom!
  • Janet Ben-Natan
    Glad to be part of the team...looking forward to meeting you!
  • Rozie Zukowsky
  • Adina Rappaport
  • Adina Goldstein
  • Elanah Oberg
  • Lorraine Nyman
  • מרים שטרן
  • Cipi Moses
  • Jessica Schwartz
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Lindsey Carmen
  • ליסה גולדנהירש
  • Chani Brown
  • Debi Rubin
  • Shulamit Brown
  • Lisa Erdfarb
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for doing this.
  • Miriam Goodman
  • Shirel J
  • Michal Kalish
  • Judy Silverman
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I took the Shalom Challenge and I'm so excited to have you join me! Together we can try to make the world a better place to live in!
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You’ll learn things like:

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