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    So happy to be a part of this family
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    Bubbie Altie would have loved to join but she doesn't do email.
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    לעילו נשמת מינדל בת ר' יקותיאל צבי ע"ה
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This was created as a zechus for Bubbie Altie & Zaidy Yankel 

Bubbie and Zaidy prided themselves over the achdus and shalom in the family.

Please continue to have Shalom in the family!

What do I get when I join?
A 4-week journey to Shalom — in all your relationships

Every morning, you’ll get an email or whatsapp with a 2 minute video or thought & a quick action step you can take to better relationships.

You’ll learn things like:

  • How to appreciate someone else's opinion even when they are wrong
  • 4 mindset changes that will help you stay strong and move on … even when somebody really hurts you
  • What is a Shalom Account and how you can use it to bounce out of conflict
  • The most powerful piece everybody misses when they apologize
  • And much, much more...