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  • Elana Schroff
  • Ahuva Schroff
  • Lenny Fuld
    Refuah Shelemah. You and your family are true inspirations.
  • Yocheved Kaniel
  • Sara Rubin
    Refuah shilema Rivka
  • Gitty Bausk
  • Devorah Fisch
  • Faigy Muroff
    with sincere wishes for a refuah shleima!
  • Malka Slatus
    Refuah Sheleima Rivka!! Were davening for your Refuah Sheleima bekarov!!
  • Avigayil Schechter
    Davening for Rivka
  • Liz Cohen
  • Shera Azulay
    Davening for Rivka’s רפואה שלימה במהרה!
  • Yael Kamara
    I am thinking and davening for Rivkah. I beg Hashem to grant her a complete Refuah shlaima quickly. May we hear good news soon.
  • Judith Borts
    you are in our hearts and prayers
  • Bayla Lebovic
  • Michelle Mendelson
  • Chani Reiss
    We are davening for a complete refuah.
  • Nechama Smith
    Refuah Sheleima Rivka!!
  • Jessica Katz
  • Hadassah Katz
  • Devora Schwartz
  • Elisheva MIlder
    Refuah shleima
  • Lorraine Ochs
  • Anonymous
  • Atara Yablok
  • Shana Milchman
    Refuah shleima!!! ❤️
  • Leah Wiederblank
  • Neima Glasser
    Refuah Shelemah!
  • Shevi Schechter
    Refuah Shelaimah Rivkah
  • Meira Krumbein
  • Aviva R
  • Basya Ochs
    Refuah shlaima to rivka bas shoshana
  • Ricki Kurtz
  • Bayla Ochs
  • S G
  • Rosie Levinger
  • Rivka Schimel
  • Anonymous
  • Temima Weinraub
    Refuah Sheleima
  • Estee Friedman
  • Elisheva Greenberger
  • RG
    Refuah Shleima
  • Ilana Zoldan
    Refuah Shelaima!
  • Mimi Yamnik
  • Naomi Fragin
  • Tova Nechamkin
    Refuah Shlemah for Rivka bas Shoshana
  • Kashi Grossman
    Refuah Shlaima Rivka we are davening for you
  • Leah Zimmerman
  • Audrey Mezei
    Refuah shlaima!
  • Anonymous
  • Tova Lederer
  • Dorothy Yeamans
    G-d bless you Rivka bas Shoshana for a complete and total refuah shlema
  • Janet Eisenberg
  • Judy Goldberg
    Refuah Shlaima Rivka - we are davening for you
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I took the Shalom Challenge and I'm so excited to have you join me!

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Week 1 Creating peace with how I view people
Week 2 Enabling peace with how I feel & think
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Week 4 Activating peace with things I do

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