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  • Elkie Solomon
  • Cheryl Weinberg
    I’m with you 100%!
  • Sara Kraina Nadler
  • Linda Rubenstein
  • Schochet
  • Debbie Striks
  • Jake Schochet
  • Zvia Reinman
    refuah shlema to Shilaim
  • Yehudis Schoen
  • Ariella Istrin
  • Meira Zachariash
  • Nourit Braun
    Refuah Shlemah
  • Gila Farkas
  • Yael Kamara
    May Rabbi Furst have a complete Refuah shlaima.
  • Linda Silberstein
    Refuah Shelaima to our beloved Rabbi Furst!
  • Linda Scharlin
    For Shelaim, “Uncle Rebbe”
  • Chana Rubin
    Refua Slema for Shelaim Tzvi ben Chaya Gittal
  • Daniella Schochet
  • Hadassah Wasserman
  • Deborah Remer
  • Malki Sommers
    Shelaim should have a refuah shlaima
  • Rachel Furst
    For Shelaim's refuah shelaima
  • Temima Winston
    Refuah Shelaima for Uncle Shelaim
  • Ahuva Tsibulevskiy
  • The Jacobsons
    We are all davening for your dear husband to have a refuah sheleima bimheira and for you and your family to have strength. With love, the Jacobsons
  • Laura Shaar
  • Shiri Burkwitz
  • Chaya Tzipora Borisoff
  • Leeby Hauer
  • Liron Rosenberg
    Refuah Shelayma!
  • Sarah Roscher
  • JNC
    We wish you both a refuah sheleima b'karov!
  • Rebecca Weiss
  • Devora Pollak
  • Tehila Dahan
  • Blima Chaya Rosenberg
  • Daniella Robinson
  • Shana Sass
  • Anonymous
  • DVora SOsnay
  • Y G
  • Yael Gabay
    Davening for the Rav’s speedy Refuah Shleimah.
  • Kranz Family
    The Rofei Kol Bassar should send Zeidy a refuah shelaima quickly
  • Aliza Eisenstein
  • Joel Rosansky
    Refuah Shleimah to my "Furst" Rebbe - HaRav Shelaim Tzvi ben Chaya Gittel
  • Michal Rosenberg
  • Leah Schachter
  • Yehuda Pollak
    Look forward to making a l'chaim with you and the Rabbi over some 'vintage' Binyamini soon!
  • Hedy Harris
    Refuah shleima
  • Debbie Eidllitz
    Refua sheleima to rabbi Furst from rabbi and mrs eidlitz
  • Michal Shapiro
  • Sara Jacobson
  • Deborah Garfin
  • Michal Sommers
    Refuah shleimah
  • Phyllis Hirsch
    Refuah shelayma
    Refuah Shelema to Rabbi Furst
  • Miriam Gross
  • Esther Leah Rothman
  • Chavie Wakslak
  • Rochel Rauch
  • Dena Kramer
    Refua Shleima
  • Dorsa Kay
    May your family be blessed with full shalom
  • Esther Sloves
  • Chana Lapidot
    Wishing you health from above!!
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Dina Sonnenblick
    Refuah shlema for your husband
  • Anonymous
  • Natalie Koshki
  • Chavie Sender
  • Chaya Kohn
    May Rabbi Furst have a quick and complete recovery!
  • BK
    Refuah Shleimah and Yeshuos
  • Sharon Leyton
    Thinking of you!!!!
  • Danielle Weinfeld
  • Shira Solomon
  • Hadassah Weiner
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I took the Shalom Challenge and I'm so excited to have you join me!

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What do I get when I join?
A 4-week journey to Shalom
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Every morning, you’ll get an email or whatsapp
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Week 1 Creating peace with how I view people
Week 2 Enabling peace with how I feel & think
Week 3 Bringing peace with how I speak
Week 4 Activating peace with things I do

You’ll learn things like:

  • How to appreciate someone else's opinion even when they are wrong
  • 4 mindset changes that will help you stay strong and move on … even when somebody really hurts you
  • What is a Shalom Account and how you can use it to bounce out of conflict
  • The most powerful piece everybody misses when they apologize
  • And much, much more...
4 Ways to Practice Peace