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  • S. N. Busch
    שיהיה לרפואה שלמה לכל חולי עם ישראל
  • Joanna Pines
    We miss you Devora! Thank you for including us in this initiative!
  • Faigie Gilbert
  • Valentina Loseva
  • Breindy Rubin
  • Elisheva Rubin
    I am so excited! Can't wait!
  • Chaya Ochs
    Kol hakovod, Devora!
  • Hindy Housman
    Just wanted to be part of your group
  • Chana
    Tizki Le'mitzvos!
  • Sara Rochel Fabian
  • Marla Teichman
    Thanks for including me!
  • Margy Kerr-Jarrett
  • Faigy Hammer
  • Roni Katz
  • C.D. Urbach
    l'zchus refuah shlayma for Esther Perel bas Chana Devorah
  • Dannielle Fritch
    Kol hakavod! Wry excited to be part of your team
  • Hadassa David
  • Shira Furst
  • Merissa Gross
    i love devora so if she recommends something I will happily try it!!
  • Saucee Garfinkel
  • Jessie Rothstein
  • Rochel Nussbaum
  • Ariellab B
  • רחל קלוגמן
    we are in the city of peace
  • Esther MAyer-Deutsch
  • Temima Markovits
  • Maja Zchout
  • Chana Fogel
  • Oshra Attia
    Devorah you are awesome, inspiring as always!!
  • Batsheva Tirtza Gordon
  • Rosie Rubin
    thank you!
  • Devorah
  • Leah
    Yasher Koach!!
  • Rochel Grossman
    Thanks for including me!
  • Rachel Dachs
    tizku l'mitzvos
  • Miriam Heitner
  • Chumie Berry
  • R T
    Thanks for doing this, Devora!
  • Sarah Donner
  • Chani Kahan
  • Rivky Skurnik
  • Tzipora
  • Tova Wacholder
  • Emuna Diamond
    Thanks for including me and giving me the opportunity to participate!
  • Malky Goldberg
  • Chevi Bookman
    #1 MOM
  • Yudit Pearlman
  • Miryam Ruth Eviathar
  • Ruth Amieli
  • Leah Scheininger
    Thanks for including me!
  • S Zaidoff
    tizku lmitzvos!
  • Deborah Stanyer
  • Anonymous
    Kol Hakavod Devora! Tizki Lemitzvos!
  • Sarah Goldstein
  • Batel Maalumi
  • Adina Bulman
  • Batel Maalumi
  • Mimi Laufer
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I took the Shalom Challenge and I'm so excited to have you join me!

Get 4 weeks of daily 2 minute videos and wisdom bytes with practical guidance to conflict free relationships.

What do I get when I join?
A 4-week journey to Shalom
— in all your relationships

Every morning, you’ll get an email or whatsapp
with a 2 minute video or thought & a quick action
step you can take to better relationships.
Week 1 Creating peace with how I view people
Week 2 Enabling peace with how I feel & think
Week 3 Bringing peace with how I speak
Week 4 Activating peace with things I do

You’ll learn things like:

  • How to appreciate someone else's opinion even when they are wrong
  • 4 mindset changes that will help you stay strong and move on … even when somebody really hurts you
  • What is a Shalom Account and how you can use it to bounce out of conflict
  • The most powerful piece everybody misses when they apologize
  • And much, much more...
4 Ways to Practice Peace