What is the Shalom Challenge?
Simply put, a campaign to promote shalom in a big way.
How does it work?
Beginning February 4th we will send out 4 weeks of terrific daily shalom related content that will enhance your relationships. The more people focusing on Shalom, the happier we will all be. That's it.
How much does it cost?
How do I join?
Sign up via the home page or if you have received an invitation to join a team, just click on the link to join.
What is a Shalom Challenge Team?
A team is a group of friends, shul members, family, or Shalom minded people who want to make a difference together.
How do I become a Team Leader?
What is expected of me as a Team Leader?
You will receive a customized link to your team page, which you send out to your friends and family. Encourage as many people as you can to join.
I signed up but I'm not receiving any daily messages
Daily messages will begin on February 4th. If you aren't receiving your daily messages after that date, please check your spam folder. If you see a message from Shalom Challenge, click and drag it to your inbox. That should fix the problem.