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What is the Shalom Challenge?
A 3-week program where you'll get a daily, rapid-fire video in your whatsapp* or email with a brilliant and actionable relationship tool.
Is it really free?
How long is the challenge?
3 weeks, starting February 12, 2023. Sign-up here and get your bonus welcome video right away. You'll want to see it today - it's a good one.
Can I join after February 12, 2023?
You can! Your 3 weeks to easier and richer relationships will start from the day you sign up.
Where do I watch the videos?
You'll get them delivered to your email or whatsapp* each day, but you can also come watch them on this website.

Having filter issues? Please see the troubleshooting question.
How do I join?
Sign-up here in seconds,and get ready to meet a you who's stronger inside, happier outside.
Can I or my family sponsor a video?
Absolutely! With tens of thousands of views on each video, and hundreds of stories of shalom coming in, it's a powerful opportunity. People dedicate videos as a zechus for family peace, shidduch, refuah, l'illui nishmas a loved one, or as an opportunity to show gratitude.

Video sponsorships start at $360. Call us at 845-352-3505 ext. 113, or email us at lozeri@cchfglobal.org to get a video sponsorship.
Prefer to donate without sponsoring? Do that here — and on behalf of 29k members, thank you!
What will I learn?
How to have peace:
• within yourself
• with your inner circle (like family, in-laws and friends)
• with your outer circle (people you interact with who aren’t always as close, like people at work, neighbors, vendors, etc.)

You’ll get a full week (5 videos) on each subject that takes it from ideal to practical.

Throughout the challenge, you’ll tackle everything relationships: forgiveness, acceptance, financial strife, triggering behaviors, difficult people, understanding others, personality types, apologizing, letting go of past resentments, handling challenging conversations, boundaries and much, much more.
Who will I become?
Think of someone you know who you would describe as peaceful. Wouldn’t it be nice to be more like them?

Watching these videos will teach you tools, skills and tricks that move you in that direction.
Which relationships will it help me improve?
We’re going to cover them all (husband/wife, in-laws, siblings & siblings-in-law, landlord/tenant, boss/employee, neighbors, teachers, friends, strangers - even the cashier). But the most important person it will help you improve things with? You.

We’re spending the first week on peace within yourself. Because changing you changes everything.
Should I still join if my life is peaceful?
Yes, yes, and yes. If building richer relationships, forgiving easily and feeling lighter inside speak to you, then you should join right here. There’s no such thing as too many tips on how to make relationships better.
Can this help in *really* difficult relationships?
While some relationships require personalized, professional guidance, the Shalom Challenge will definitely show you new ideas and tools you can start today to make even challenging relationships better.
Where do I share my Shalom Challenge story?
Yay! We’re so glad you asked and so excited to see it!

Use our contact form right here or email us at info@cchfglobal.org to get in touch.
I signed up, but I haven’t gotten any videos!
Spam may have nabbed our videos. Check your spam folder, and if you find a Shalom Challenge message, click and drag it to your inbox. Still don’t see it? Reach out to us here.
Can I opt-out in the middle?
Yes, you can. Just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Shalom Challenge email or reply STOP to on your WhatsApp thread.
What do I do if my filter is blocking the videos?
Every email includes a link to a private CCHF server that should work with most filters. If it’s still an issue you can email info@cchfglobal.org.
Can I forward the videos to share the brilliance?
Sure! Here’s a message you can use to clarify what this is, so they can sign-up and experience the whole challenge.


I’ve been watching the videos from Shalom Challenge 3.0 — a 3-week program where you get a daily, quick video to whatsapp* or email with a relationship tool. I thought you might enjoy this one and actually, you’d probably like the whole challenge!

Check it out at cchfshalom.org.

Thinking of you,
Is there somewhere I can ask a question?
Sure, click here to use our contact form or email us at info@cchfglobal.org to get in touch.
* WhatsApp option will be available for shalom challenge 4.0 in February 2024.

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