Sarah Kahan
Youssef Hana
Miriam Rus
Nava Lowinger
Esther Hoffman
Rachel Cohen
וישם לך שלום
Fraydie Goldreich
Wendy Sinton
Adam Silver
Free speech
Jojo Higgins
May we succeed in planting and spreading sweet lasting peace
Annet Bouwman
Yael Luba
Nechama Mazo
Sarah Lerner
What a wonderful idea!
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Sharon Fahey
When shalom penetrates to your heart we wont need to get drunk on Purim, we will see everyone as Hashem' creation.
Nechama Mazo
Deborah Stanyer
Toda Raba...Devora..lm a Deborah, l think l should change my spelling...bless you
Shifra Rw
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