Meir Kadoche Kimhi
love you Meme! learning something new for you!
Nathalie Kadoche Kimhi
I love you Maman💞 May your neshama have the highest aliyah.
Ma'ayan Alisa CHANA Kadoche Kimhi
Happy to be doing this in your honor. I miss you💕
Vanessa Attias
For my maman who always wanted peace with everyone
Jessica Davis
Patricia Chava Kadoche
For my special Mom that I miss every day. May your Neshama have the highest aliyah.
Moshe Kimhi
Miss you and your hugs!
Noah Marchand
Love you meme❤️
Nachal Yisroel Kollel Entire Class Will Join
our Kollel will beach learn in Chana Bat Moshe's merit. May Chana neshama have the highest Aliyah
Sarah Wages
Yael Hershcopf
May her neshama have an Elijah to the highest of high. May she see a world of peace from above looking down
I met you several times and you were always easy going funny and welcoming. May your neshama have the highest aliyah. I have met all your daughters and they all have beautiful neshamot 💕💕
Nachal Yisrael Torah Center
Our outreach program learning weekly Torah and saying Tehilim/tiku n klali May it bring Aliya to the beautiful Neshama of your MOTHER ע"ה
Sigal Ashwal
Eva Oliel
Moshe Jungreis
Binyamin Revizada
Cindy Pshemish
May her neshama merit from all the love and emunah she left behind in her beautiful family!
Yaacov Elbaz
Michel Kadoche
Carine Kadoche
Yaffa Abihsira
May she have an Alya in Gan eden
Joelle Rodin
Joy Elhadad
Leeat Swartz
Anonymous Sponsor
Elie Mamann
Leon Elmaleh
Annie Kadoch
Liulay Nishmat Chana Bat Moshe Annie Kadoche's
Preci Elmaleh
Arielle Kadoch
Love you tata Annie❤️
Sherry Nussbaum
Tliluy nishmas a woman who was a queen in my eyes. I miss her very much!.
Asher Yehoshua K
I love you meme I miss coming to visit you. You give the best hugs make the yummiest food. I am going to watch these videos and make you proud so your neshama can be the closest to hashem!❤
Mercedes Ibghi