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Day 6

Brothers & Partners
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File for the win

When you’re doing business with friends and family, keep one file in your brain for the business part of your relationship and another file for your personal life. Store any business hurt in the office - Because family is a gift that’s more precious than anything.
When the partnership goes sour, but you want to stay as brothers

They say that when a business partnership breaks up, The resentment & hurt is like a marriage breaking up.😔
Is it possible to end a business relationship and stay on good terms? !?

Yankel and Mendel were two brothers who miraculously survived the Holocaust together.
Yankel managed to find his way to America, get married, and start a business.
When Yankel’s business began to prosper, he paid for Mendel’s ticket from Europe - and made him partner in his business. 🤝🤝

Yankel decided to dissolve the partnership and he split the assets between the two of them.
But somehow Mendel, who owed everything to Yankel’s generosity, ended up with the lion’s share of the business. 💵🫢

Yankel was furious. He had shared his money and business acumen with his brother, and now his brother was throwing him under the rug! 😠

But as much as he simmered at the injustice, unbelievably he managed to store his anger away in the "business" file of his brain. He never let it spill into the "family" folder –
his wife & children never even knew what had happened!

The children of Yankel and Mendel remained best friends, and their wives invited each other for Shabbos meals all the time. The money issues remained unresolved.💥

Many years later, Yankel’s grandchildren, still on the best of terms with their third cousins on Mendel’s side of the family, were clearing out their grandfather’s attic and they came across some old legal documents. They were staggered - their grandfather had given up most of his business shares to keep the peace with his brother. 😲🙈

How had he done that?

How had he kept up such close ties with Mendel’s family, so that not even his wife and children had a hint of the financial betrayal he must have felt?

Perhaps, as the lone survivors of his family in a world where so many mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children had been cruelly taken, Yankel understood how little money meant in comparison to having family in this world. Or perhaps Yankel saw the future. Dozens of cousins singing Shabbos zemiros together around the same table.

And he knew that the joy of a united family
is worth more than all the money in the world.❤❤