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Day 5

The photo that went viral
Make someone smile today
Did this video change something for you?
Share it with a friend, and feel good knowing you gave their day a boost of brightness & connection.



With a life, a family, a heart that can be broken.
Before you hit forward, share, or comment, ask yourself:
Could this cause a conflict? Disrupt a relationship??
Is this going to bring more peace/closeness/shalom into the world, or less?
I want to talk to you about an extremely difficult time that happened in my life.
They say that when you get married,
for the first couple of months,
you live in this euphoria bubble until real marriage hits.
For me, that bubble lasted three days. 🙁
I was with my wife at our sheva brachos
and texts started coming into both of our phones.

We took a peek, and people were saying - they posted a video, they posted a video about me. 🫢😳

And so, we looked. There was a group on Facebook that posted a video of me, of something that I did which was totally fine.

It was completely taken out of context, and people were posting extremely negative things about me, including that if I was married then I feel bad for his wife - stuff like that.

For that to be popping up, little questions of doubt right when you’re married and for my wife to be reading comments like that at our sheva brachos is just HORRIFYING.🙈

All these thoughts going through my mind, going through my wife’s mind.

We decided that as a zechus for our marriage, we were just completely going to forgive anybody who did anything about posting or about commenting.

But then a couple of days later, all of a sudden, it blew up on a different platform.
And within 12 hours, over 10,000 people viewed this video.

Something that we’d tried to package away turned into something where every other place we turned;
people were stopping us, "Oh, you’re that person from that video."

It constantly brought us back to that memory of when we first found out about it at our sheva brachos. 🙈😳🫵

We tried to stay strong and continued saying that we forgive this person, but it was just getting increasingly and increasingly harder.

When we stop and we think about this whole situation, I’m not sure if that person who initially posted it really wanted to do anything negative. They probably just thought it was something funny.

But the question you have to ask yourself is, is it worth it that maybe you would cause pain to somebody else?

Whenever you see something, there’s somebody behind the picture.
There’s always somebody behind the video.
It’s not a cartoon or a graphic, it’s a human being.
You don’t realize what effect that could have on somebody’s marriage, somebody’s self-esteem.

Your actions can have a lasting, devastating impact and you can ruin somebody’s life.

Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation does not endorse the use of social media platforms.
This message is being shared to highlight the damage caused by posting, commenting, or sharing using today’s technology.