Day 4

The plane ride
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When someone insults you, it’s their baggage talking.
Remember: It says more about them than about you.

TRAVELER 1: Could you move your elbow. It’s on my half of the arm rest.
TRAVELER 2: Oh, sorry.

TRAVELER 2: Flight Attendant, may I please have a pillow and a blanket?
TRAVELER 1: A pillow and a blanket? This isn’t a hotel!

TRAVELER 2: Flight Attendant, may I have some more water please? 🥤 May I have another water please? 🥤🥤 Is it possible just to give me the whole bottle?
TRAVELER 1: Why do you have to drink so much water?!

TRAVELER 1: Do you really have to breathe so much?!
TRAVELER 1: Are you eating soup?!
TRAVELER 1: Are you taking off your shoes?!

TRAVELER 1: Are you staring at me?!
TRAVELER 2 [with sleep mask over his eyes]: My eyes are closed!

TRAVELER 2: What did I do to make that guy so angry?
TRAVELER 1: Hi Dear. No, the flight wasn’t okay. My stomach was acting up again! I was in so much pain, I kept snapping at the guy sitting next to me. Yeah, not my best behavior. I hope he forgives, wherever he is.

When someone insults you, it says more about the person who said it than it does about you!