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Day 3

Fortifying your emunah
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Feeling anger rise?
Stop. Remember: it’s not them, it’s Hashem.

And He’s waiting to make wonderful things happen for you when you choose peace.
Pop quiz It’s simple - your level of בטחון can be measured by how much שלום you have in your life.

What? What does שלום have to do with בטחון?

שלום is how I get along with people and בטחון is my practical faith in Hashem. 2 completely different things.

Here’s the answer.

One of the basic foundations of בטחון is that Hashem runs the world and employs one of the drivers that destroys our שלום. When we get into fights with people because we believe that they treated us unfavorably. Business partnerships, or inheritances.

You see, when you are tested with שלום, it’s actually a massive opportunity to succeed at בטחון.

There are 2 prime places where we can lose our ???? because we believe someone cheated us.

Who’s the someone?

If our בטחון is strong, then when we get cheated, the idea that kicks in is that everything is from Hashem, and for whatever reason, Hashem wants me to lose this money.

If my בטחון is strong, I don’t lose myself to machlokes, instead I accept what happens because it happens from Hashem. And then I go for the real prize - שלום. 💥🏆

You see, every father dreams about his children getting along.

Hashem is our father and even if one of His children misbehaves, He still wants His children to get along, to be בשלום.

When we get cheated and we react with שלום, that shows Hashem that we know everything comes from Him!

That our בטחון is really strong. And whatever is Hashem’s reason, when we chose שלום over machlokes - Hashem has all the money in the world, so He can and will reward us for keeping the peace in His Family. The next time you feel cheated, tell yourself that שלום isn’t a compromise – שלום is the prize that will fill your live with peace. 🏆🔥