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Day 2

Crash in the driveway
Make someone smile today
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Something happens. Don’t react on impact.

Instead, focus on the opportunity:
To be kinder, calmer — better
and respond the peaceful way

"Uh, I crashed into the car in your driveway. Is it yours?"

When someone wrongs you, how do you react?

What do you mean, you crashed into my car in my driveway?
The talent here is just beyond.

Did you think my driveway is a highway? Do you have ANY IDEA how much this will cost to fix?

Do you own a calculator? Do you know pricing?

you’re unbelievable!

Oh. Yeah, that’s my car. Is it damaged?

Yikes. I have to go into Brooklyn for a simchah tonight, and I need to pick up the kids soon. This is really not convenient.

So how am I going to do this?

I’m going to take out the car seats and stuff we need, bring the car to the mechanic – I wonder if it drives?

let’s get this straight. You drove in and totalled my car? Okay, so do you have your insurance here? let’s take it down... Are you sure this wasn’t deliberate? This was careless. you’re lucky I’m not calling the police. But I need to make sure we have all the details in place before you leave.

Oh no! Are you alright? Is your car fine? It looks like you feel awful.
Honestly, It’s just a car, I’m so happy everyone is okay, so don’t worry about it.
I’m sure you didn’t mean it, let’s just work together to fix it. Do you have any tools in your car?
You know what, I can’t imagine it costs so much. Accidents happen, let’s just put it all behind us...