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Day 15

A happier day
Make someone smile today
Did this video change something for you?
Share it with a friend, and feel good knowing you gave their day a boost of brightness & connection.


One extra misholach manos

Send a misholach manos to someone who’ll feel touched because you thought of them.

How many mishloach manos are you making this year?

Let me share with you a fantastic mishloach manos idea – perfect for Shalom Challenge participants!

Here’s the deal: Purim has become a day in which people with lots of friends are bombarded with mishloach manos.

While others get no mishloach manos.
But the whole idea of mishloach manos is to build achdus in Klal Yisroel.

I want to share with you an idea I heard, that people are doing l’ilui nishmas the two sets of brothers that were murdered in Eretz Yisrael in the past two weeks, Hy"d.

Between now and Taanis Esther, think of ONE PERSON you know –
Someone who might be sitting at home alone
An old friend whom you lost touch with
A neighbor you don’t speak to enough
Or best of all, someone you don’t get along with

And send them mishloach manos.

Here’s a true story that came to us at Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation.

"I was looking for a secretary for my therapy clinic, and my husband’s cousin was looking for a job — so I hired her.

It didn’t go well.

She lacked the organizational skills to deal with payment and our billing was being denied by the insurance company. Much as I tried to point out gently how she could improve, she wasn’t getting it.

I felt terrible and had to let her go. This was shortly before Purim.

Purim morning, the first thing I did was go over to my cousin’s house and bring her a mishloach manos breakfast and a note saying how sorry I was about how this story ended up for her.

She accepted my apology — and now we schmooze at simchos like nothing ever happened."

You might feel self–conscious or uncomfortable delivering mishloach manos to some people.

But when you know you’re doing the right thing, it will give you the confidence and drive to do it, and they will be so happy you thought about them.

So make someone’s Purim this year by thinking about them – and with that you will have a great Purim yourself!

Let us know how it goes,

The Shalom Challenge team @ CCHF

P.S. Thought of someone yet?
Let us know here so we know how many mishloach manos will be sent to lonely people this year!

P.P.S Do not tell the recipient or anyone else that you are giving shalach manos because they are needy, as that would clearly be the undoing of shalom