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Day 12

The wall of peace
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We all live in our own story - where other people’s needs and perspectives might feel threatening. Recognize that peace brings a happier ending to everyone’s story – including your own.
This is a story about the Lipskys –
the family on the ground floor of a quiet apartment building in Jerusalem. 👪

Soon after they moved in, the neighborhood dynamics shifted – and so did their belongings.
There were frequent break–ins and burglaries.
Home just didn’t feel safe anymore. 🫢

So they began building a wall to enclose their balcony and keep intruders out. Actually, this is a story about the Friegers on the second floor. ⬆⬇

The Friegers were not happy to see a new structure coming right up to their balcony on the second floor. 😡

Afraid of break-ins themselves,
they told the Lipskys to stop construction. ✋🛠

"We’re sorry, our family’s safety comes first," was the Lipskys’ response.

And soon a new wall began to rise inside the apartment building - a wall of blame and hate. 😠😤 Our story about the Lipskys and the Friegers isn’t pretty - untill we move the story to the third floor neighbors, the Booksteins. ⬆⬆⬆

Who invited both families to their apartment to talk things over - and made them an impossibly good offer. 💥🤝
To build an enclosure around the second floor balcony as well to protect the Frieger apartment – and the Booksteins would cover the costs. 💰🙌

They wanted Shalom to reign in their building. Everyone was happy.
And that’s the end of all 3 stories.

Or so you’d think.

Only then, there was a fire in the Bookstein apartment when the kids were home alone. 🔥👩‍🚒🧯

The neighbors tried rescuing the Booksteins - but their door was jammed shut.
Then, some bachurim had an idea. 💡

Taking a ladder from a nearby construction site, they climbed up to the third floor - using the two-story wall. 🪜

And carried the children to safety.

The wall of Shalom the Booksteins built saved them from tragedy.

So actually, this isn’t a story about the Lipskys.
Or the Friegers.
Or the Booksteins.
It’s a story of who wins when peace leads the way.