Day 11

The many parts of you
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Which element rules you – water, fire, air or water? Now think of someone you know who’s the opposite. What do they do that you can copy to bring balance into your life?
What blocks your inner peace?

Yonatan and Pinny run their late father’s business together.
Businesswise, they’re a fantastic team. But on a personal level, meeting with Pinny leaves Yonatan completely drained.

Pinny has a troubled family life. Every day, he sits himself opposite his brother “officially” to discuss business, but the conversation always turns into an hour of therapy.

So every time Pinny walks into his office, Yonatan feels tension grip him.
His practical side, desperate to get things done, bristles at the time he is about to waste.
But on the other hand, Pinny is his brother. Who else does he have to talk to?

Yonatan’s kindness is battling his practicality — leaving him stressed, frustrated, wracked with inner conflict.
Hashem created within each of us
4 different elements —

When two opposite elements inside you pull you in opposite directions,
💥 Boom! Inner conflict.

Suddenly, even with a clear set of values, you’re left doubting yourself – what’s right? 🤔 Each element inside you fights the other, as a constant tug–of–war inside you that gives you no peace. So how do you know which to choose?

The Sforno explains that the key to inner peace — and to a successful life — is reaching balance.
When all the elements of your nature work together in a balanced way, you achieve peace.

The key? To know which element is your dominant element in your nature — then balance it by bringing in its opposite force. Back to Yonatan and Pinny...
Yonatan’s direction is clear.
His dominant element is “practical achievement”.
To reach balance, he has to build the element of kindness and patience.

What’s your dominant element?
And which element should you build to bring you to balance & inner peace?